New Window Decorations

The church of St. Bartholomew was described in 1572 by Samuel Erdeswicke as containing at least fifty crests and arms of the local nobility, painted on the glass windows or on the walls. These were lost when the present church was built from 1702 to 1720.
The adults and children of Messy Church recreated a little of the painted glass tradition by making roundels at their January meeting. These are made from Perspex discs, which are painted with glass paints that can be wiped clean when dry. The painted roundels have now been stuck to the leading of the two North Aisle windows, leaving the plain glass roundels in place behind them. They can easily be removed again to allow cleaning or window maintenance, but we hope visitors will enjoy seeing the work lit up by natural light.

Painted Glass Jan. '14 001

The North East
Painted Glass Jan. '14 004

The North West
Painted Glass Jan. '14 006

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