Birmingham Town Hall Gospel Choir

The choir visited our church on 4th October and left the audience singing their praises.
The chosen songs and hymns were both inspirational and uplifting. The choir’s treatment of them was superb and the solos were beautiful.
Colin Anderson, charismatic leader and conductor, had a wonderful way of engaging with both the choir and the audience. His musical ability was obvious and his control of voices, especially at the end of the first half, was absolutely amazing. The evening consisted of 15 songs starting with the choir entering to “Kumbaya”. There followed “Blessed Assurance”, “I know my Jesus will be there”, “Oh, Lord, You mean more than anything”, “Superman”, “Perfect and true” (with soloist Michelle Morris) and “My Lord is waiting to hear from you”. The second half started with “Elizabeth delivered Daniel” and was followed by “Faith” (with soloist Natasha Griffen), “Wade in the water (including the audience), “Tumelo” and “I know the Lord will make a way”. To cries of “encore” and “more” the choir finished with a reprise of “Kumbya”. The Rev. Anne Lawson presented Colin with a bottle of wine and thanked the choir for a wonderful evening.

The choir members were a delight to meet and they told us how much they had enjoyed the hospitality and the acoustics of our church. They have asked to come back and we will be delighted to extend an invitation for them to return.
Having experienced the choir in action, there was nobody last night who could have doubted their right to the title of the inaugural winners of the ‘Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year, 2013/14’.


Choir fjh 1 Choir fjh 2

Gospel Choir 2014 005

Gospel Choir 2014 009

Gospel Choir 2014 013

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