Cafe Church 11 June 2017

The Big Celebration at Cafe Church.

The largest congregation ever turned up for The Big Celebration today. It wasn’t a problem, we just got more chairs out from storage and everyone squeezed in.

We remembered Jo Cox, murdered last year, but also turned to remembering the victims of the Manchester and London atrocities.

We sang songs, lit candles for those who had died, gave thanks for those who had helped and prayed for all who were suffering.

Our readings were about love and how it conquers hate and we pledged ourselves to stand with everyone, rejecting the message and actions of hate and following Jesus’ message of love for all.

There were tears shed as Josh Groban sang ‘You Raise Me Up, while the children made pictures of Manchester bees and woollen cross pictures.

A successful service for all, so thanks to everyone who attended.

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