Cafe Church 13th August 2017

Cafe Church 13th August 2017

Sylvester McCoy dropped in to say Hello

Sylvester McCoy, (Dr Who & Lord of the Rings) dropped in to say Hello

Our Patronal Festival was moved to the 13th August to coincide with the Armenian church’s celebration of the saints life, Armenia being where he was martyred. After a short quiz on what we know of this disciple, there was a summary of his life that provided all the answers. We went on to say his prayer of blessing and all the cakes and desserts provided were Armenian delicacies, which included Tahini cakes, figs and dates with a maple honey drizzle, Susam Anoush, Marlenka and Mhallabiet. We went on to talk of ‘blessings’ and some contributed to our discussion by naming the blessings they experienced. Our readings and hymns were all joyful and we hope the saint would have approved of this unusual tribute to his life and work. We were especially delighted to be joined actors Sylvester McCoy and Robert Picardo well know for their roles in Dr who, Lord of the Rings and Startrek respectively.

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