Cafe Church December 2017

Today’s theme was Building Community and a good crowd braved the snowy conditions to hear about what the church and other village groups were doing to maintain the high standards we had set ourselves. Now was no time to take for granted the two Community Spirit Awards the village had won and Dr Jo Smith talked about the work of the Parish Council to include everyone in village activities. After a quiz on village facts many spoke warmly of their welcome to the village and things that had happened to make them appreciate the warmth of friends and feel a sense of community. The coffee and cake flowed and the children drew pictures of village houses that were strung together to make a street scene. Then many went outside to play in the snow and after a raucous snowball fight some of the children built a snowman in the churchyard.
The Cafe Church Team were very touched by gifts of chocolates and a personalised comments book that were given to them to say ‘thank you’. A card filled with messages was also given to the team and they thank everyone for the wonderful comments they wrote in it.

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