Mothering Sunday Cafe Church March 2018

Mothering Sunday Cafe Church March 2018

Today in a packed Cafe Church, especially for Mothering Sunday, we looked at women of strength through history. There was a challenge to list the top attributes of some of the best known ladies and many of the most famous were quoted, with their advice to women and girls around the world. Biblical characters like Ruth, Esther and Hannah were looked at, but the main section was delivered by our own Dr. Jo Smith of Manchester University. She talked of the strength and determination of Emmaline Pankhurst and the suffragette movement in securing votes for women. Our prayers reminded us that it is a fundamental Christian principle that women should not be exploited and Jesus gave us clear guidance on this. The service finished with the children, who had been making Mothering Sunday cards for their own Mums, distributing bunches of daffodils to all present. To all you mothers, have a happy day.

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