Easter Day 2018

The 9.30 Communion service was a joyous celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the meaning and hope that this brings. A congregation of 30 attended, including 4 children, which is the highest number for several years. The service was lead by our great friend, the Rev Rex Buckley, whom we welcomed as this was the first full service he has conducted after an illness that had lasted for the past 2 years. Other elements of the preparation and service were in safe hands and David Barrett stood in as acting warden and Cynthia Daniels carried out the Eucharistic duties, having not carried out this role since leaving Cyprus last year. Simon and Celia Reynolds also did a sterling job in their roles as sides-persons and it is great to know that when regular people are away for holidays, we have a good number of people who can take on their roles and do an excellent job. Well done to all and thanks for a great service.

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