Cafe Church, saying Thank You, 12th May 2019.

Cafe Church, saying Thank You, 12th May 2019.

The subject of Cafe Church today was saying ‘thank you’.
We have the results of the Plant Sale to be thankful for as a church community, but also many other reasons, as individuals, to thank God for.

We heard a reading from Colossians saying how we should express our thanks and during the interval there was silence as everyone listed seven reasons for being thankful.

These were very varied as we remembered loved ones, friends, good health, God in our lives, clean water, the countryside, our homes, our pets, chocolate, good food, sports, our safety, the weather, our country and our church family.

There was a bag of sweets for everyone to take home with them and Alfie was busy making them up and handing them out.

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