Cafe Church – 8th Sept. 2019. Love Thy Neighbour.

Cafe Church – 8th Sept. 2019. Love Thy Neighbour.

Today was a celebratory day with five birthdays, including our own, as Cafe church has now been with us for 4 years.
We also celebrated Audrey playing the organ for us for over 50 years and presented her with a bouquet to mark the occasion.
Our theme was about having a relationship with God that effects our relationship with our neighbours and how we relate to them. There was a scripted conversation of a ‘before and after’ situation in dealing with an elderly or difficult neighbour and our usual readings and hymns on the subject. The children decorated keepsake boxes and we finished with prayers and The Grace.

Audrey IMG_20190908_111300347

Cafe Church Love thy Neighbour ccIMG_20190908_123112777

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