Pews Latest – 24th Oct. 2019

We are delighted to say that, after 8 years of preparation, form filling and testing, we have finally got all permissions necessary for the church interior work to go ahead. The Chancellor asked all interested parties for their final comments and received favourable responses from our own village residents, Cheshire East, Historic England, The Diocesan Advisory Council and the National Churches Trust. Only the Georgian Society resisted any change, but the Chancellor decided, in his final ruling, that to keep the church pews in their present format was compromising the work of the church and thus endangering it’s sustainability into the future.
Work will begin early in the New Year, once we have arranged dates with the two contractors and this will possibly mean the closing of the church for about 4 weeks and services moving into the village hall. We will keep everyone informed via the notice board, Insight magazine and the village and church websites.

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