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A message from the Vicar 24th March, 2020.
Dear All,
I am contacting you about a number of important matters in relation to the current coronavirus epidemic.
First and most importantly, please know that I am concerned for everyone within the parishes and continue to pray for all of you.  I will do my best to keep you up to date as and when appropriate, and I know that you will do all you can to support each other at this difficult and challenging time.  Advice has been flowing faster than it is possible to keep up with recently, and I need to digest all the information and work out how to apply it.  For now:
1. It is with regret that St Bart’s Church is closed for the foreseeable future.  It will re-open in due course when Government advice suggests that it is safe to do so.
2. The Archbishops announced that all public worship is suspended until further notice.  You can read more about this at:
3. I am working hard to ensure that appropriate worship resources appear on the websites as soon as possible.  
For now, 
• there is a prayer for the coronavirus epidemic at: 
• There are also various apps to download to help us to worship at:
4. Supporting those who are self-isolating is crucial.  A neighbourhood contact newsheet has gone to every household in Church Minshull which you may wish to use.
5. I would like to set up telephone circles so that we can keep in touch.
6. There are various community Facebook pages being set up to support people through this difficult time.  At the moment I’m aware of a Community Facebook Page in Worleston and there is also a Facebook page which covers all the parishes at: COVID-10 Rural Support Group-South Cheshire.
7. Finally, but still important if you’ve managed to read this far, please respect the fact that I am in the vulnerable category.  It is important that I stay as well as possible in order to be available when I am really needed.  I am therefore restricting contact with people as much as is reasonable, but not entirely self-isolating.  I will continue to work, but it will be in different ways.  I continue to be available to you on the phone (01270 628864) and by e-mail I will continue to enable appropriate forms of worship and appropriate forms of pastoral care.   If I cannot meet your need because I am keeping myself to myself wherever possible, I can contact those who can.  I would be grateful of your understanding in this.  Please do not interpret it as an unwillingness to engage with the situation or as laziness on my part
Please do all you can to keep yourselves safe and to care for each other in new and different ways, and above all, please stay in touch.
In Christian love and with my prayers,
Revd S Anne Lawson
Vicar of the Cross Country Parishes of St Mary’s Acton, St Bartholomew’s Church Minshull, St David’s Wettenhall, St Oswald’s Worleston.
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