Vicar’s update 26/3/2020

Dear Friends,
We have been working at ways to keep in touch with each other to enable us to be ‘together apart’.
Chris Pope has set up a WhatsApp Group for anyone in the 4 churches to join if they wish.  To join you need to have the WhatsApp application installed on a phone, tablet or personal computer.  Contact Chris Pope on 07771 684000 and he will add you to the group.
I have been made aware that some people without access to a mobile phone are concerned about the cost of calling mobile numbers from a landline.  OfCom guidelines suggest that this should cost no more than 10 – 20 pence per minute.  Some providers charge an additional 23 pence connection charge.  It will not cost the £4 – 5 per call that some fear to make the kind of calls necessary to ask for help and to place orders.
Please forward the e-mails I’m sending to those you know who would appreciate it.  If they would like to be added to them mailing list, I can do that if they let me have their e-mail address.  Even in these strange times, we have to have regard for GDPR Data Protection regs, so I cannot add people without consent.
Another way of keeping in touch is to pray at the same time as others are praying.  John Malbon has provided the attached daily prayers which he and Janet, together with those in the Thursday Bible Study Group, are using at 10.00 each day.  Please feel free to join in.  I am saying Morning Prayer at 8.45 each morning in the Vicarage  (Friday may be later!).  I will also celebrate Communion on behalf of everyone each Sunday at 11.00 am in the area of my spare room which I’ve made into a chapel.
I am also happy for people to telephone the Vicarage, and please keep in touch with each other that way, especially if you are not on the internet or don’t use social media platforms.
Revd S Anne Lawson
Vicar of the Cross Country Parishes of
St Mary’s Acton, St Bartholomew’s Church Minshull, St David’s Wettenhall, St Oswald’s Worleston
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