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Ride & Stride 2018 Poster

Cafe Church 13th May 2018

“The Circle of Life”

“The Circle of Life” was the theme for our Cafe Church today. We watched  an excerpt from Disney’s “The Circle of Life” video to begin with and later we watched a Rico Tyce Video about Jesus’ teaching on how the world’s problems are caused by the problems of the “Human Heart”. People were invited to play a video of their own life, both good and bad, an invitation that was declined by everyone there. Lynn lead us through a prayer asking for God’s forgiveness and offering ourselves to him, before we closed with The Grace.

Wow – what a fabulous Plant Sale 2018!

What a fabulous Plant Sale 2018!

Three Blistering Hot and Sunny Days made our Best Plant & Art sale ever!!

Well done and thank you to the army of volunteers who helped with this year’s event.

Our event made a profit of £10,750!

It was lovely to also meet people from Cornwall, The United States, Canada, South Africa and Melbourne Australia.

It really does seem that the St. Bart’s Plant Sale & Art is becoming a truly Global Event.

Messy Church 22nd April 2018

A Shepherd and his Sheep -Messy Church 22nd April 2018

Today we heard from John about the differences in keeping sheep now in this country from how it was in Israel at the time of Jesus. Our reading was the 23rd Psalm, all about Jesus being a good shepherd and us being his sheep. After the service we made sheep, sung a song, had a story, said prayers and our refreshments were sheep cakes.

Insight Magazine. Spring 2018 Issue

John & Margaret Turner’s 30th Wedding Anniversary Concert 14th April 2018

John Turner enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of music entitled ‘A Serenade for Church Minshull’ in celebration of his and Margaret’s special anniversary. James Bowman CBE compèred and while John played the recorder, Richard Simpson played oboe, Robin Stephens, cello, Janet Simpson, harpsichord and mezzo-soprano, Margaret McDonald, sang. People had traveled from as far away as Cornwall to enjoy the music, which featured selections from Purcell, Handel, Britten, Steffani, Bononcini and some more unusual pieces from Marshall, Dickinson, Pehkonen, Walker, Ranki and Hope. The trio for the recorder, harpsichord and cello by Peter Dickinson was the first performance of this version anywhere, so was a special treat. John requested donations be made towards the church running costs and £400 was subsequently raised.
Thank you John and Margaret, for bringing such talent to our church and village and for the donations. May you continue to enjoy a long, happy and healthy life together.

Cafe Church April 2018

The subject at Cafe Church today was ‘Partnerships’ and the congregation looked at how Jesus partnered the disciples before sending them on missions, a practice Peter and Paul continued in their missionary work. We were asked by Chester Diocese to remember our partnership Diocese in the Congo where there has been recent tribal conflict.

During the interval each table looked at successful and unsuccessful partnerships and there was a discussion about the part ‘respect’ played in a successful team. Jack Lakin completed the treasure hunt and won a tub of chocolate coins.

The service ended with a blessing on all partnerships, but particularly on two of our regular worshipers, Sue and Roger. Roger produced a ring and gifts for Sue and received a round of applause for the re-affirmation of their commitment to each other.

Easter Day 2018

The 9.30 Communion service was a joyous celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the meaning and hope that this brings. A congregation of 30 attended, including 4 children, which is the highest number for several years. The service was lead by our great friend, the Rev Rex Buckley, whom we welcomed as this was the first full service he has conducted after an illness that had lasted for the past 2 years. Other elements of the preparation and service were in safe hands and David Barrett stood in as acting warden and Cynthia Daniels carried out the Eucharistic duties, having not carried out this role since leaving Cyprus last year. Simon and Celia Reynolds also did a sterling job in their roles as sides-persons and it is great to know that when regular people are away for holidays, we have a good number of people who can take on their roles and do an excellent job. Well done to all and thanks for a great service.

Hough Grandson has arrived!

Tim and Jane Hough have become Grandparents for the first time after the birth of Rafferty Kit Hunter on April 1st. Rafferty was born three weeks early but weighed in at 6 pounds and all are doing well.

Easter 2018 Flowers

Easter 2018 Flowers

Our thanks go to all those who have contributed to arranging flowers in St Bart’s for Easter.

Such a lovely selection of flowers and colours.