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Insight Magazine. New Year 2019 Issue.

Cafe Church – 13th January 2019

Cafe Church – 13th January 2019.
New Beginnings.

The service today was centred around the need to clear out clutter at the beginning of a new year and we were encouraged to imagine ourselves a glass and to fill it with liquid to represent our personal clutter, leaving a gap at the top to represent the space we leave for God. Afterwards, we threw the clutter out, or in this case, the liquid into a bucket, which was then thrown out. We heard some wise words, one being a saying from Judy’s mother, who quoted Pastor Joseph Brotherton. He said, “My riches consist not in the extreme of my possessions, but in the fewness of my wants”. We were reminded of Jesus’ parables and how he urged us to pray persistently. We were blessed with a good congregation and pleased to welcome some who had been unable to visit for a while.

Christmas Eve Carols with Sound and Light – 24th Dec. 2018

There was a full congregation for this years service which was the traditional mix of lessons and carols with our Sound & Light extras.

However, this year there was a live soloist, Lucy Barlow, who beautifully sang three seasonal songs.

Ellie and Sam lit the final advent crown candle, the Reverend Anne did the bidding prayer and blessing and there was a surprise rendition of ‘Do They Know it’s Christmas’ by villagers at the end.

Merry Christmas to you all and may 2019 be a Blessed Year for us all.

Xmas Sound and Light 2018

Xmas Sound and Light 2018

Xmas Sound and Light 2018

Xmas Sound and Light 2018

Xmas Sound and Light 2018

Xmas Sound and Light 2018

Xmas Sound and Light 2018

Xmas Sound and Light 2018

Messy Nativity – 23rd December, 2018.

We had a fantastic turnout for our Nativity play this year with 27 children joining in. The play was narrated by John and Penelope, who played the Archangel Gabriel. There were lots of Shepherds, angels and wise men and even a sheep. We sang Away in a Manger, We wish you a Merry Christmas and Oh Come All Ye Faithful. Afterwards there were drinks with mince pies, chocolates, biscuits and lots of crackers to pull. Merry Christmas from all at Messy Church.

Carols Round the Tree – 13th December, 2018.

Another record crowd turned up for this years carol celebration, many wearing their Christmas jumpers. The TCTC Group Brass Band played us through 16 carols, the first five around the outside tree with the frost forming all around us. The remainder were inside and everyone was fortified with mulled wine, a glass of wine, mince pies and snacks. John told us two stories from around the world during the second interval and everyone said how much they had enjoyed the evening afterwards. Thank you to all who helped, the band and those who travelled a distance to join us. Sydney, Australia, we think, is the new record.

Flower and Wreath Making – 13th December, 2018.

A large group of ladies had great fun today, flower arranging and wreath making. Coffee, tea, lunch and lots of Christmas goodies kept them going and Jean Jones, who organised the day, helped with the final, artistic touches. Much of the materials were provided, but you could also bring your own and there were spectacular results. An amazing £200 was raised, so ‘Well Done’ to you all.

Cafe Church December 2018.

Cafe Church December 2018.

We had a visitor today, Richard Holmes, From the YMCA in Crewe. He told us of the foundation of the organisation and the work they do today, not only with young homeless men, but all people including single parent families, children and refugees.

He described their plans to provide Christmas for them all and their housing facilities in Crewe. We were also told that although essentially a Christian organisation, the help they offer goes to people of all faiths and none.

After a ‘question and answer’ session, Richard told us how we can help, with prayer as well as finance and after a hymn, prayers and The Grace, we presented him with a cheque and collection totalling £236.

Best Parish Magazine Award 2018

The editorial team of Insight has won the ‘Best Parish Magazine Award’ in the Archbishopric of York for the second year.

The award is given by The Parish Magazine Printers Company and there were over 400 entries in our category.
Insight also came top overall in the Northwest of England, judging was based upon content, design, print quality and editorial input.

Insight Magazine Christmas 2018 Edition

Messy Advent, 25th Nov. 2018.

Messy Advent, 25th Nov. 2018.

Today’s Messy Church was all about advent and the Advent Crown. Afterwards we made our own crowns or wreaths and there was a quiz with some surprising answers. We had a visit from our local police again, because Audrey has been knitting Teddy Bear police officers for them to give out to children who are caught up in sad situations. Every child at Messy Advent got one to take home with them to remind them that the police are always there to help.