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Sophie Grace has arrived!

We are delighted to announce the birth of Sophie Grace a first child to Hannah and Jonnie.


Cafe Church 11 February 2018

The subject today was change and how we treat it. John told us about where we were up to with the proposed changes in the church interior, and there were poems by Lynn and Tim on embracing change. Everyone used the interval to talk of changes in their own lives, some of which was shared afterwards. The reading from 2 Corinthians talked of how belief in Jesus changes us and the children drew pictures of caterpillars and the butterflies they change into. We were particularly happy with one change, when Hannah brought her new baby Sophie Grace to join us for the first time.

Mothering Sunday Cafe Church is on March 11th

Mothering Sunday Cafe Church

is on March 11th at 11am

Mothering Sunday Cafe Church is on 11th Martch at 11 am at St. Bartholomew’s Church.

Plough Sunday @ Reseheath College. 4th Feb 2018

A sizeable congregation from all four Churches in the Cross Country Parishes gathered at Reaseheath Agricultural College for the annual Plough Sunday Service. This Service gives thanks for the work of the Farming Community throughout the Year, and is always fitting that it is held at arguably the premier agricultural College in the UK. Current students took part, bringing in the plough and also being interviewed by the Rev Anne, who led the worship about the benefits and some of the pitfalls of agricultural student life and what the future offers for graduates. Meredydd David OBE, Principal of the College, outlined how the College has developed over the last 100 years and how it continues to grow year by year. He also paid tribute to the Students who raised thousands of pounds each year. Georgina Lamb from RABI (Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute) described the vital work which the Charity performs in supporting the farming community, financially, at times of hardship, commenting also that Cheshire makes the greatest call on their funds of any County in N.W. England. Local Farmer Peter Lakin and his Family played a part in the blessing of the Plough and Churn, representing the local farming community. Following the service, lunch was provided free of charge by the College and all donations received were given towards the work of RABI.

Chris Challoner

Messy Christingle January 2018

Messy Christingle January 2018

Today we celebrated our Christingle service on Candlemass Sunday and a good crowd turned out to take part.
We began by making our Christingles and having them explained before we went into the pews for a service when we lit them all.
Afterwards we had a feast of pizza, crisps, cake and chocolate bars, all washed down with fresh orange juice.

Insight Magazine, Winter 2018 issue.

Cafe Church – January 2018

Cafe Church – January 2018

The first service of the year discussed The Trinity and it was bursting at the seams, with visitors also joining us from Runcorn, who were very welcome.
There were readings and hymns as usual, but there was a film called The Trinity in Three Minutes, that explained the subject in a nutshell. A small play enacted how the relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit worked, concentrating on the Spirit and his role. Judy gave us a testimony and Lynn led prayers while the children made splendid doves and pictures. The coffee and cake went well and our thanks go to all those who contributed.

Added after the event, 
our visitors from Runcorn later wrote;

On behalf of the four of us who visited Cafe Church last Sunday,
thank you so much for the warm welcome you gave us and for sharing your
experiences and ideas with us – we talked of little else on our journey
home! What we saw and heard on Sunday will be so helpful as we begin our
‘Adventure’ and we are looking forward to sharing our experience with the
rest of our planning group at our next meeting.
Love and prayers,
Helen Owen.

Connor / Hinett Wedding 31st Dec 2017

Today, St Bart’s welcomed Tom Connor and Jes Hinett for their New Year’s Eve wedding. Family and friends applauded as the couple took their vows under an arch of white flowers and then signed the registers. The couple smiled throughout the service taken by the Reverend Anne. The wedding party moved on to The Badger and then on to the village hall for the evening celebrations. We wish then a long, happy and healthy marriage together.

Pizza Movie Night 28th Dec 2017

Pizza Movie Night 28th Dec 2017

Tonight we watched ‘Sing’ while eating pizza, snacks and chocolate bars, all washed down with orange juice. There were lots of sleeping bags, cushions and pillows brought to snuggle down with. We all thought it was a good film and afterwards there were £63 of donations made towards the Children’s Society.

Messy Christingle coming on January 28th 2018

Messy Christingle



Fun for all the family making a Christingle (and eating it) to celebrate Candlemas.

On 28th January we will be holding Messy Christingle, where we all make our own Christingles with oranges, sweets, and glow lights representing Jesus Christ the Light of the World.

Our Offertory is for The Childrens Society, a Charity which helps vulnerable children and young adults.

28th January 2018 11:00am