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Cafe Church 10 September 2017

Café Church 2nd Anniversary, Foundations.

Today our subject was ‘foundations’, what they are, where we get them from and how we use them. We had our largest congregation of children and they used straws and sellotape to build the largest structures they could and these were finally all put together to make a tower. In our prayers we remembered all those suffering in the West Indies from the hurricanes, the earthquake victims of Mexico and the people of the Korean Peninsula. As the photograph shows, we finished with ‘Stand by Me’, accompanied by tambourines, by Ben E King.

Baptism of Harry George Platt. 20th August 2017

St. Bartholomew’s was delighted to welcome the Platt Family for the Baptism of  Harry George Platt, the son of Alex and Michael Platt. The service was a Holy Communion and Baptism and the Rev. Anne officiated.

Cafe Church 13th August 2017

Cafe Church 13th August 2017

Sylvester McCoy dropped in to say Hello

Sylvester McCoy, (Dr Who & Lord of the Rings) dropped in to say Hello

Our Patronal Festival was moved to the 13th August to coincide with the Armenian church’s celebration of the saints life, Armenia being where he was martyred. After a short quiz on what we know of this disciple, there was a summary of his life that provided all the answers. We went on to say his prayer of blessing and all the cakes and desserts provided were Armenian delicacies, which included Tahini cakes, figs and dates with a maple honey drizzle, Susam Anoush, Marlenka and Mhallabiet. We went on to talk of ‘blessings’ and some contributed to our discussion by naming the blessings they experienced. Our readings and hymns were all joyful and we hope the saint would have approved of this unusual tribute to his life and work. We were especially delighted to be joined actors Sylvester McCoy and Robert Picardo well know for their roles in Dr who, Lord of the Rings and Startrek respectively.

Insight Magazine Summer 2017 Issue

Patronal Cafe Church Service 11am 13th August 2017

Patronal Service will take the unusual step of moving to 11am on Sunday13th August.
This is a Café Church opportunity to celebrate St Bartholomew in a very special and different way and on the date the Armenian Church celebrates his life.

Why is that significant?

Come and see for yourself.

Ride and Stride 2017

Saint Bart’s is participating and open from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 8th September 2017 in aid of Historic Cheshire Churches Preservation Trust.

Messy Church 23rd July 2017

The theme of Messy Church today was animals, the last of our three services on God’s Creation. John told us of the numbers of animals mentioned in the Bible and of how Jesus was kind to them and used them as good examples in his teachings. We them made pictures of farmyards from block stencils and coloured inks. Then there was a cartoon film on sheep, illustrating the work of a good shepherd just like Jesus. Finally, after The Grace, we had our refreshments, including freshly baked scones. We were very lucky to share our time with visitors from India, Yorkshire and Essex who we hope enjoyed their time with us.

Cafe Church July 9th 2017

Cafe Church July 9th 2017

Our July Café Church theme was on the subject of childhood and youth. A full congregation was very forthcoming with the differences between the childhood of years past and that of today and there was a video on the ‘Millennials’ who are all those born after 1984. We all agreed there were many differences and challenges for todays younger people and they all need our love and support. We had new helpers today and are very thankful to them for their input. The children were also busy, making colourful plates with their thoughts on them and they too suggested their own challenges, including doing handstands in the swimming pool.




Summer Picnic at Minshull Hill Farm

Summer Picnic at Minshull Hill Farm

All four churches from the benefice enjoyed a great quiz night with a picnic at Minshull Hill Farm courtesy of the Ford Family. Our thanks also go to John Major for the picnic, David Barrett & Jo Smith for the quiz, John Headon for organising and the ladies who provided the desserts. The Tombola was a big success and the event raised £400, which has been shared between all four churches. Congratulations to Helen Ford on her 21st Birthday and Andrew Ford on his 18th. The weather was perfect with a beautiful marquee and Ruth & Stuart Ford were excellent and generous hosts. 


Messy Church with Bishop Libby 24 Sept 2017

Bishop Libby is coming to

Messy Church

on 24th Sept 2017