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strawberry-coffee-cake logo3Cafe Church is an informal, social way of meeting and sharing views and provides an inclusive, accepting and welcoming space for all ages and everybody, no matter what their belief or spiritual path. cafe-church-feb-2016-008 We meet around tables of 6 to 8 people and share great coffee with wonderful cake and discus a topic for the day. You are with friends and there are no right or wrong views and nobody judges anyone’s opinions or beliefs. Children are provided with activities, so the whole family can be together and there are readings, songs and activities for adults too. Cafe Church oct. 2015 006The gathering is led by church members and everyone is welcome, so please feel free to turn up or contact any of us at the numbers below.

Cafe Church

To see our Cafe Church Events press this button (this button is always at the top of our web page)

For further information please contact:-

Tim & Jane 01270 522568,

John 01270 522353.

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