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Suzie Greta Rose Minshull Baptism, 7th August 2022.

St Bartholomew’s was, once again, delighted to welcome a Minshull baptism back to the ancestral church. Suzie, daughter of Steve and Emily, was baptised by the Rev. Anne on a sunny day, attended by friends and family. Welcome to God’s family, Suzie.

Suzie Greta Rose Minshull Baptism, 7th August 2022.

Suzie Greta Rose Minshull Baptism, 7th August 2022.

Minshull Baptism 11th Aug. 2018

A Baptism bridges a 231 year gap on 11th August 2019.

Today, St Bartholomew’s welcomed Reuben John Minshull, parents Steve and Emily and over a hundred guests to Reuben’s baptism.
A chapel was demolished by John Minshull and a new church built on the site in 1541 but no Minshull has been baptised, married or buried in the church or churchyard since 1788, a gap of 231 years. John, who resided in Minshull Hall, became the first minister of St Bartholomew’s and the church gave the village it’s name. This made the service especially historic and special to all.
The Rev. Anne Lawson took the service and we welcome Rueben to God’s family and the Minshulls back to the church of their ancestors.

Minshull Baptism 20190811_140843

Minshull Baptism 20190811_141232

Tahnee Shaw Baptism 21st July 2019

During our Holy Communion service on Sunday July 21st we welcomed in to the family of God, Tahnee Shaw at her baptism. Tahnee’s proud parents, Stephanie and Todd, along with her Godparents, 50 or so guests and the regular congregation of St. Barts, pledged to support and guide Tahnee on her Christian journey through life. The service was conducted by the Rev. Anne.

Joseph Mason Baptism 17th March 2019

Joseph Mason Baptism 17th March 2019

Today, during a Holy Communion service we had the addition of a baptism, that of Joseph Samuel Mason. Proud parents, James and Dawn, watched with Church Minshull grandparents, Brian and Mary Charlesworth, as the Rev. Anne performed the service. Joseph was very well behaved, peering into the font when the time came for the anointing. We were pleased that the large congregation stayed for refreshments after the service, before going to Higher Elms Farm for a family gathering. Welcome to God’s family, Joseph.

Scarlett and Seb Buxton Baptism. 20th Jan 2019.

Scarlett Ann and Sebastian James Lewis were baptised today by the Rev. Anne at St Bartholomew’s with friends and relations. Both children know the vicar from school and live on Wood Green Lane, Church Minshull. We welcomed them to the church family before they went next door to The Badger to celebrate the double event.

Charlesworth Baptism 9th September 2018

St Bart’s was pleased to play host for the baptism of Sophia Grace Charlesworth. Parents, Grandparents and Godparents all watched as Sophia behaved perfectly throughout the service. The Rev. Anne officiated and we welcome Sophia into God’s family.

Harwood Baptism September 2017

Today we celebrated the baptism of Mollie Alice Yarwood, with over a hundred friends and family.

The Rev. Anne officiated but Mollie was unappreciative of another wash, even if it was in a font.

We pray Mollie will have a long and happy life and welcome her to God’s family.

Baptism of Harry George Platt. 20th August 2017

St. Bartholomew’s was delighted to welcome the Platt Family for the Baptism of  Harry George Platt, the son of Alex and Michael Platt. The service was a Holy Communion and Baptism and the Rev. Anne officiated.

Jonas Baptism 23 April 2017

Jonas Baptism 23 April 2017
We welcomed Saskia Poebe into the church family today, when she was baptised by the Rev. Anne at St Bart’s. Proud parents, Dominic and Emma Jonas were joined by friends and family, including Saskia’s grandparents from Poland. We wish Saskia every blessing as she starts her life, may it be a long, happy and healthy one.
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Two August Baptisms

Jessica Boote
St Bart’s was delighted to welcome Jessica Boote to the Church. Jessica has been coming to Church with her parents Liz and Tim and her sister Isabelle since she was born.
Jessica looked beautiful as always and beamed her lovely smile to everyone. Rev. Anne conducted this very special Service, which was attended by a large congregation of family and friends.

Jessica Boote Baptism

Jessica Boote Baptism

Olivia Catherine Mason
St Bart’s was delighted to welcome Olivia to the Church supported by a large congregation of family and friends, who came to enjoy Olivia’s special day. Olivia looked beautiful in her Christening robe made from mother Dawn’s wedding dress, and proud grandfather Brian Charlesworth read the lesson. Afterwards, they all enjoyed a super party, across the road in the Village Hall.

Olivia Catherine Mason Baptism

Olivia Catherine Mason Baptism