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Harvest Cafe Church, 11th Oct. 2020

For the first time, due to the strange circumstances we are in, our harvest celebration was incorporated into Cafe Church. The sun shone, the bells rang and the congregation had coffee and biscuits, while remembering our farmers and all who do a tremendous job in the food production industries. We listened to music videos, said our prayers and gave thanks, while the children made mini scarecrows to take home. We were blessed with a wonderful food collection for the foodbank, which this year goes to the Crewe branch. Thank you to all those who gave so generously.

Cafe Church Sept. 2020 – God and Mountains

It was good to see so many attend our Cafe Church service this morning, all observing social distancing of course. Our subject was ‘mountains’ and how they figure widely throughout the Bible. We learnt of their significance, their solid reliability and of our own experiences with them. Then we looked at how they have been a place of solitude to be with God, but that we can create our own spiritual mountains, in church or in our own homes.

Cafe Church Returns to St Bart’s

A good crowd turned up this morning to celebrate the return of Cafe Church, all socially distanced and following guidelines. The subject was inspiration and we looked at inspiring words from the Bible and from famous people throughout history. Unable to sing, we listened to uplifting songs on dvd and gave examples of when we as individuals had found inspiration in our lives. We also looked at how it was important to pass inspiration on to others, before we shared our prayers. The children did a word search and then decorated keepsake boxes or pencil cases and what a splendid job they made of them on their family craft tables. Our cakes and biscuits were all individually wrapped, but they still went down a treat!

Cafe Church – Worship, 8th March 2020.

Our Cafe Church subject today was ‘Worship’ and it’s true meaning. Judy read the lesson and the children made instruments that make lots of noise ready for our last Hymn, which was ‘Praise him on the Trumpet’. This was our last meeting in the Village Hall as the church alterations are almost finished.

Cafe Church February 2020

Our congregation braved the storm today to attend Cafe Church on the subject of the travels of St Paul. We heard about the problems he faced as he took the gospel to the people of the Roman Empire and the excess of the 15,000 miles he travelled. We had readings about his floggings, shipwrecks and imprisonments and of some of the miracles he performed. Finally we heard of his second trial in Rome and his death, before we closed with prayers and The Grace. Thank you to all who came and made it through the gales.

Cafe Church, 12th January, 2020.

Our first service in the village hall, due to the church alterations, was on the subject of Help. We used the book called ‘ The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’ by Charlie Mackesy and looked at the quotes and drawings. Two of the favourites were ‘ The boy asked the horse, “What was the bravest thing you’ve ever said?” “Help” said the horse’ and “Asking for help isn’t giving up” said the horse, “It’s refusing to give up”. We had a Bible passage on the centurion asking Jesus for help and heard about asking for help from Celia and ‘Coming Apart at the Seams’ from Jane. Everyone joined in with personal experiences and how we can help by up-cycling. Our minister in training, Jim, who is with us for 2 months, led the prayers and we finished with The Grace and singing along with The Hollies, ‘He ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brother’.

Meanwhile, back in church we are all covered up for the builders.

Cafe Church 8th Dec. 2019

Today’s subject was ‘The Present’ and centred around Vaughan Robert’s booklet, ‘Christmas in Three Words’. We looked at the three words he had come up with, which were Historical, Joyful and Essential, before we came up with our own, the most popular being Peace. The children made a Christmas picture and some tree decorations which were excellent and the reading was delivered by Janet Malbon, while her husband, the Rev. John, blessed the collection. This will be our last Cafe Church service before the church closes for the alterations to start on 6th Jan. 2020 but we will meet in the village hall instead.

Cafe Church. 17th Nov. 2019

He’s Got You!

It was good to welcome new faces to Cafe Church today and we heard stories and readings about how God has got us in his hands. Judy told us of her personal experiences of how God has supported and strengthened her and Celia gave us a reading on affirming God’s presence in our lives. The children made stained glass windows to take home and we finished with The Grace and then the musical instruments out, to join in with 4 verses of ‘Oh, Happy Day’.

Cafe Church – Perseverance – 13th Oct. 2019.

It was a full service today as we discussed the merits of persevering, heard a reading from Isaiah and were told of some historic examples like Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Edison and Einstein, all who suffered incredible set backs. We provided our own examples and watched a video, with the children, of how a school teachers encouragement made a difference, just like Jesus can. The children were kept very busy making their own bedroom clocks, some of which are pictured and a splendid job they made of them. We were sad to say ‘Goodbye’ to Kevin and Lynn Penny, long time supporters of the church and Cafe Church in particular. We wish them every happiness and blessing in their new home in Abergele.

Cafe Church – 8th Sept. 2019. Love Thy Neighbour.

Cafe Church – 8th Sept. 2019. Love Thy Neighbour.

Today was a celebratory day with five birthdays, including our own, as Cafe church has now been with us for 4 years.
We also celebrated Audrey playing the organ for us for over 50 years and presented her with a bouquet to mark the occasion.
Our theme was about having a relationship with God that effects our relationship with our neighbours and how we relate to them. There was a scripted conversation of a ‘before and after’ situation in dealing with an elderly or difficult neighbour and our usual readings and hymns on the subject. The children decorated keepsake boxes and we finished with prayers and The Grace.

Audrey IMG_20190908_111300347

Cafe Church Love thy Neighbour ccIMG_20190908_123112777