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Cafe Church – Perseverance – 13th Oct. 2019.

It was a full service today as we discussed the merits of persevering, heard a reading from Isaiah and were told of some historic examples like Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Edison and Einstein, all who suffered incredible set backs. We provided our own examples and watched a video, with the children, of how a school teachers encouragement made a difference, just like Jesus can. The children were kept very busy making their own bedroom clocks, some of which are pictured and a splendid job they made of them. We were sad to say ‘Goodbye’ to Kevin and Lynn Penny, long time supporters of the church and Cafe Church in particular. We wish them every happiness and blessing in their new home in Abergele.

Cafe Church – 8th Sept. 2019. Love Thy Neighbour.

Cafe Church – 8th Sept. 2019. Love Thy Neighbour.

Today was a celebratory day with five birthdays, including our own, as Cafe church has now been with us for 4 years.
We also celebrated Audrey playing the organ for us for over 50 years and presented her with a bouquet to mark the occasion.
Our theme was about having a relationship with God that effects our relationship with our neighbours and how we relate to them. There was a scripted conversation of a ‘before and after’ situation in dealing with an elderly or difficult neighbour and our usual readings and hymns on the subject. The children decorated keepsake boxes and we finished with prayers and The Grace.

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Cafe Church Love thy Neighbour ccIMG_20190908_123112777

Cafe Church. 11th Aug 2019

11th August 2019, Cafe Church.

Today, our service was a united service for the benefice and we chose the subject of ‘Community’. There were readings, on how we should care for and sustain each other and during the interval, the table groups came up with examples of this in practice, which was then fed back for us all to hear. There were examples of community action changing towns, villages and even the whole world for people to see and the children coloured village postcards and handed them out to the congregation at the end of the service. Thank you to all who came and joined in!

Cafe Church 9th June 2019

Our topic for today was ‘relationships’ concentrating on our own with God. We discussed how we talk to him and Judy gave us her personal experiences of when she has talked to God and how he had answered her prayers. John and Jane performed a sketch, Celia read from St John’s gospel and Tim read the humorous ‘Parable of the Flood’. The children made family trees and joined in our prayers, so a good, sunny morning was had by all, especially one young lady in her ‘shades’.

Cafe Church, saying Thank You, 12th May 2019.

Cafe Church, saying Thank You, 12th May 2019.

The subject of Cafe Church today was saying ‘thank you’.
We have the results of the Plant Sale to be thankful for as a church community, but also many other reasons, as individuals, to thank God for.

We heard a reading from Colossians saying how we should express our thanks and during the interval there was silence as everyone listed seven reasons for being thankful.

These were very varied as we remembered loved ones, friends, good health, God in our lives, clean water, the countryside, our homes, our pets, chocolate, good food, sports, our safety, the weather, our country and our church family.

There was a bag of sweets for everyone to take home with them and Alfie was busy making them up and handing them out.

Palm Sunday Cafe Church 14th April 2019

It was a full service today as we remembered Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and we thought about how he went from Hero to crucifixion in 5 days. We made our own newspaper headlines for the days following the arrival in Jerusalem and the arrest and trial. The children made their own chocolate nests full of eggs and we reviewed our Actions speak Louder than Words task list that we set ourselves last month. Today is the first of Holy Week and everyone took home a palm cross to remember it throughout the year ahead.

Cafe Church 10 March 2019

Cafe Church – The Tree of Life – 10th March, 2019.

The subject today ranged from the Tree of Life and it’s biblical meaning to caring for our environment. The was a good discussion during the interval on ‘Action not words’ and when these ideas were collated they included; planting trees, insect friendly planting, smiling at people, providing village transport, another defibrillator, a fellowship lunch open to everyone, improving pathways, mental health first aid, sign posts, Kindness of neighbours and litter picking. The defibrillator has been handed to the parish council with suggestions, the first fellowship lunch has been organised for the 19th March and a Litter Pick has been arranged for Sunday 17th March, along Cross Lane. Many volunteered immediately and equipment will be provided, for more information please [click] this link. The children made their own model trees and covered them with tissue paper leaves, flowers and fruit.

Please click for Café Church 10th March – Practical ideas from feedback session from Tim Hough

Cafe Church Sunday 10th February 2019

Today’s service centred around a love poem written by a lady in Wales who had given us permission to use it. It spoke of the love of God for us and the freedoms he provides and we then reflected upon this further in our hymns and prayers. During the interval we recalled the silly love poems of our younger days and some more heart felt ones and then replenished with coffee and cake, we shared them all. Our service ended with a raucous hymn, ‘Praise him on the Trumpet’ which had every tambourine fully employed!

Cafe Church – 13th January 2019

Cafe Church – 13th January 2019.
New Beginnings.

The service today was centred around the need to clear out clutter at the beginning of a new year and we were encouraged to imagine ourselves a glass and to fill it with liquid to represent our personal clutter, leaving a gap at the top to represent the space we leave for God. Afterwards, we threw the clutter out, or in this case, the liquid into a bucket, which was then thrown out. We heard some wise words, one being a saying from Judy’s mother, who quoted Pastor Joseph Brotherton. He said, “My riches consist not in the extreme of my possessions, but in the fewness of my wants”. We were reminded of Jesus’ parables and how he urged us to pray persistently. We were blessed with a good congregation and pleased to welcome some who had been unable to visit for a while.

Cafe Church December 2018.

Cafe Church December 2018.

We had a visitor today, Richard Holmes, From the YMCA in Crewe. He told us of the foundation of the organisation and the work they do today, not only with young homeless men, but all people including single parent families, children and refugees.

He described their plans to provide Christmas for them all and their housing facilities in Crewe. We were also told that although essentially a Christian organisation, the help they offer goes to people of all faiths and none.

After a ‘question and answer’ session, Richard told us how we can help, with prayer as well as finance and after a hymn, prayers and The Grace, we presented him with a cheque and collection totalling £236.