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Cafe Church 14th October 2018

Our theme for the day was ‘Fire’ and we looked at the way the Bible relates fire to God, from Moses and the ‘Burning Bush’ to Jesus and the ‘baptism of fire and the Holy Spirit’. At the interval we had indoor fireworks and the children made model ‘burning bushes’. Alfie wrote a prayer and read it out and we finished with a rousing Take That and ‘Relight my Fire’.

Cafe Church 9th September 2018

We had another well attended service for our third anniversary today and were able to welcome visitors from Germany and new residents, Helen and Keith, from Cyprus. Our Subject was Bread & Wine and was about the way we celebrate with the Communion Service. Jane and Tim talked us through the reasons we hold this form of worship and John and Judy read from the Bible, the passages where we are asked to perform the sharing of bread and wine by Jesus, in his memory. We re-enacted the sharing on each table and the children made mini Last Supper models.

Cafe Church 12th August 2018

Today’s Cafe Church, was a united service for the benefice and we were delighted to welcome members from the other three churches. Our subject was a continuation of The Bible, but this time we concentrated on the 23rd Psalm, ‘The Lord’s my Shepherd’. We listened to it, sang it and learned a little about it and Jesus’ use of it. Alfie made balloon sheep and herded them round the church before we heard about The Bible Society and the story of Mary Jones from Alan. There was a film clip of Chinese people being given their first Bibles which showed how precious they are and we had a collection in aid of the society to help provide more. After prayers we finished with rousing singing of ‘Give me joy in my Heart’ and The Grace.

Cafe Church July 2018

Our subject on this scorching Sunday was The Bible and a large crowd joined us, not to mention some four legged friends who tried out the coolness of the church. We watched a video of how the collection of 66 books formed The Bible and how the New Testament completed the story of the Old Testament. Some told us of their favourite parts and stories and Judith talked of the accessibility of the many different translations and lead our prayers. We finished with The Grace and there were handouts for us to read at home. Our next Cafe Church will be on the 12th August and will complete our topic with a collection for The Bible Society.

Cafe Church June 2018

The subject of Cafe Church today was given to us by one of the congregation, Hymns and Praise. We were pleased to welcome Emily Allen from Church House who is helping us with our planned pew removal. After looking at the Bible’s advice on praise we watched a film on famous quotations, which was well received. The congregation filled in lists of favorite hymns during the interval, which will be used in our service hymn selections and then ‘Named that Hymn’ after just a few notes. Not that easy, though most were identified immediately. The children were very busy making happy hands and felt flowers as can be seen in the photo of Alfie and Faye.

Cafe Church 13th May 2018

“The Circle of Life”

“The Circle of Life” was the theme for our Cafe Church today. We watched  an excerpt from Disney’s “The Circle of Life” video to begin with and later we watched a Rico Tyce Video about Jesus’ teaching on how the world’s problems are caused by the problems of the “Human Heart”. People were invited to play a video of their own life, both good and bad, an invitation that was declined by everyone there. Lynn lead us through a prayer asking for God’s forgiveness and offering ourselves to him, before we closed with The Grace.

Cafe Church April 2018

The subject at Cafe Church today was ‘Partnerships’ and the congregation looked at how Jesus partnered the disciples before sending them on missions, a practice Peter and Paul continued in their missionary work. We were asked by Chester Diocese to remember our partnership Diocese in the Congo where there has been recent tribal conflict.

During the interval each table looked at successful and unsuccessful partnerships and there was a discussion about the part ‘respect’ played in a successful team. Jack Lakin completed the treasure hunt and won a tub of chocolate coins.

The service ended with a blessing on all partnerships, but particularly on two of our regular worshipers, Sue and Roger. Roger produced a ring and gifts for Sue and received a round of applause for the re-affirmation of their commitment to each other.

Mothering Sunday Cafe Church March 2018

Mothering Sunday Cafe Church March 2018

Today in a packed Cafe Church, especially for Mothering Sunday, we looked at women of strength through history. There was a challenge to list the top attributes of some of the best known ladies and many of the most famous were quoted, with their advice to women and girls around the world. Biblical characters like Ruth, Esther and Hannah were looked at, but the main section was delivered by our own Dr. Jo Smith of Manchester University. She talked of the strength and determination of Emmaline Pankhurst and the suffragette movement in securing votes for women. Our prayers reminded us that it is a fundamental Christian principle that women should not be exploited and Jesus gave us clear guidance on this. The service finished with the children, who had been making Mothering Sunday cards for their own Mums, distributing bunches of daffodils to all present. To all you mothers, have a happy day.

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Cafe Church 11 February 2018

The subject today was change and how we treat it. John told us about where we were up to with the proposed changes in the church interior, and there were poems by Lynn and Tim on embracing change. Everyone used the interval to talk of changes in their own lives, some of which was shared afterwards. The reading from 2 Corinthians talked of how belief in Jesus changes us and the children drew pictures of caterpillars and the butterflies they change into. We were particularly happy with one change, when Hannah brought her new baby Sophie Grace to join us for the first time.

Cafe Church – January 2018

Cafe Church – January 2018

The first service of the year discussed The Trinity and it was bursting at the seams, with visitors also joining us from Runcorn, who were very welcome.
There were readings and hymns as usual, but there was a film called The Trinity in Three Minutes, that explained the subject in a nutshell. A small play enacted how the relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit worked, concentrating on the Spirit and his role. Judy gave us a testimony and Lynn led prayers while the children made splendid doves and pictures. The coffee and cake went well and our thanks go to all those who contributed.

Added after the event, 
our visitors from Runcorn later wrote;

On behalf of the four of us who visited Cafe Church last Sunday,
thank you so much for the warm welcome you gave us and for sharing your
experiences and ideas with us – we talked of little else on our journey
home! What we saw and heard on Sunday will be so helpful as we begin our
‘Adventure’ and we are looking forward to sharing our experience with the
rest of our planning group at our next meeting.
Love and prayers,
Helen Owen.