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Cafe Church – 12th Dec. 2021

Cafe Church – 12th Dec. 2021

Today’s subject was Christmas unwrapped and we heard of the significance of shepherds, from Judy and how the Church of the Nativity has survived with it’s amazing place of Christ’s birth, from John. We also had a ‘Tim quiz’, with some surprising answers, Bible readings from Tim and Jane and prayers from Celia also we watched Christmas videos and carols. David and Sam served the refreshments, with lots of Christmas treats to choose from.

Merry Christmas from the Cafe Church team and we will see you again in the New Year!

Cafe Church Dedication at St Bart’s, 31st October, 2021.

Cafe Church Dedication at St Bart’s, 31st October, 2021.

We were delighted to welcome fellow worshippers from across the benefice today to our celebratory Cafe Church service to mark the dedication of the remodelling of our church. It was very full, which was in no small part due to the presence of inspirational Ian Bishop, the Archdeacon of Macclesfield, who spoke first of how he had found his faith in Christ. Later, he spoke again of the role our church buildings play in our lives and communities and of the years of effort that had gone into the modernisation and restoration of St Bart’s. He chose our hymns and these were tied to readings on how we all come together to witness and share our faith. Ellie, wrote and read a prayer and with the other children, made key rings, fridge magnets and a decorated twig garden. Members of the congregation past and present were with us and our, now retired architect, John Carter, attended and spoke of the work he had undertaken on our behalf over the last three decades. We overran our time slot but nobody seemed to care as the time with Ian was so uplifting and everyone wanted to shake his hand and congratulate him on the way he had spoken to us all reminding us, “The Lord is with us, His Spirit is here”!

Harvest Cafe Church, 10th Oct. 2021.

Cafe Church hosted this year’s Harvest Celebration, but with hymns, prayers and readings we also had a talk from Rachael about the Winsford food distribution charity that she volunteers with. Some of the facts on the food we waste in the UK were shocking and it was amazing to hear how the charity supports food banks and over 200 families, not only with long life foods but with perishables like fruit and vegetables too. Our large congregation was the usual generous one, with lots of bags of food donated to the charity and we thank all who contributed. Rachael will be taking it for distribution this week.

Harvest 2021

Harvest 2021

Harvest 2021

Harvest Cafe Church. Oct 2021

Harvest Cafe Church

11am on 10th October, 2021.

Food collection in aid of Food Bank.

United Cafe Church at St Barts, 8th Aug 2021.

We were delighted to welcome so many to today’s service and especially those who had travelled from the other parishes in the Cross Country Group. Jane introduced the subject which was Going for God, as opposed to ‘going for gold’ and was on an Olympic theme. We looked at the negative side of the games, with cheating, censorship and prejudice but celebrated the good parts of inclusivity, sacrifice, teamwork, friendship and inspiration. During the interval, each table came up with their own gold, silver and bronze words to best describe the event and there were many varied and thought provoking suggestions. We had several readings and prayers illustrating how the Christian faith is like running a race we can all win and with a prize for all that does not tarnish or wither away. The children made jigsaws and designed a t-shirt for the next Olympics in Paris and Ellie modelled hers for us. Our hymns were some of the several films we watched and it was great to be able to sing again if you wanted to.

Thank you to all who contributed to the service in so many ways.

Cafe Church 8/8/21

Cafe Church 8/8/21

Cafe Church 8/8/21

Cafe Church – Back at Last! July 2021

Back at Last!

Cafe Church started again today and it was great to see so many familiar faces return after a 9 month absence.

The subject was freedom and we listened to songs, poetry and bible readings on the subject.

We also looked at our own ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’ thoughts from the lockdowns that Covid 19 has forced upon us.

Cakes and biscuits were plentiful and David did a great job keeping the coffee flowing.

Ellie did a puzzle and demonstrated breaking the chains she had made and wore for us.

So good to be back at last and thanks to Tim, Jane, Celia, John and Judy for leading us through the service.

Cafe Church July 2021

Cafe Church July 2021

Messy Cafe Church, 13th December 2020.

Cafe Church joined up with some of the children from Messy Church today, as there is no ‘Messy Nativity’ this year due to the restrictions. Our subject was ‘Giving the Gift of Joy’ and we watched two short films and 4 Christmas songs and carols. In the introduction we learnt that today’s third candle on our advent wreath symbolises joy and Isobel lit it for us. The reading was also on the subject of joy and in our prayers we gave thanks and remembered everyone working for us in this difficult time. We had a quiz during the interval and the children were busy colouring window pictures to put in their windows at home.

Merry Christmas to everyone from the Cafe and Messy Church Teams here. Stay safe and protected this Christmas Season.

Messy Cafe Church DEC. 2020a

Messy Cafe Church DEC. 2020a

Messy Cafe Church DEC. 2020b

Messy Cafe Church DEC. 2020b

Messy Cafe Church DEC. 2020c

Messy Cafe Church DEC. 2020c

Harvest Cafe Church, 11th Oct. 2020

For the first time, due to the strange circumstances we are in, our harvest celebration was incorporated into Cafe Church. The sun shone, the bells rang and the congregation had coffee and biscuits, while remembering our farmers and all who do a tremendous job in the food production industries. We listened to music videos, said our prayers and gave thanks, while the children made mini scarecrows to take home. We were blessed with a wonderful food collection for the foodbank, which this year goes to the Crewe branch. Thank you to all those who gave so generously.

Cafe Church Sept. 2020 – God and Mountains

It was good to see so many attend our Cafe Church service this morning, all observing social distancing of course. Our subject was ‘mountains’ and how they figure widely throughout the Bible. We learnt of their significance, their solid reliability and of our own experiences with them. Then we looked at how they have been a place of solitude to be with God, but that we can create our own spiritual mountains, in church or in our own homes.

Cafe Church Returns to St Bart’s

A good crowd turned up this morning to celebrate the return of Cafe Church, all socially distanced and following guidelines. The subject was inspiration and we looked at inspiring words from the Bible and from famous people throughout history. Unable to sing, we listened to uplifting songs on dvd and gave examples of when we as individuals had found inspiration in our lives. We also looked at how it was important to pass inspiration on to others, before we shared our prayers. The children did a word search and then decorated keepsake boxes or pencil cases and what a splendid job they made of them on their family craft tables. Our cakes and biscuits were all individually wrapped, but they still went down a treat!