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Messy in July 2021 – David & Goliath.

We learnt about how David defeated Goliath by being trusting in God and believing in his own abilities. We discussed how we were brave and overcome the difficulties we face in life. While we talked we had ice lollies and biscuits with our drinks and listened to Mimi’s favourite, inspirational songs.

Messy Church July 2021

Messy Church July 2021

Messy Church – Resilience and Moses. 27th June 2021

It was wonderful to re-open Messy Church in the open at St Bart’s today and even more wonderful to see so many return. Rachael told us about how resilient Moses was, getting up again every time life knocked him down and our reading was all about the Israelites thinking they were at the mercy of the Egyptian army but then crossing the Red Sea to safety.

The children made models of Moses and the sea waters parting and Sam showed everyone the example he had made earlier. Ellie said the prayers for us and while refreshments were served the Balloon Wizard made balloon animals for all the children and anything else they could challenge him with.

It was a very special day and so much fun!

Messy Cafe Church, 13th December 2020.

Cafe Church joined up with some of the children from Messy Church today, as there is no ‘Messy Nativity’ this year due to the restrictions. Our subject was ‘Giving the Gift of Joy’ and we watched two short films and 4 Christmas songs and carols. In the introduction we learnt that today’s third candle on our advent wreath symbolises joy and Isobel lit it for us. The reading was also on the subject of joy and in our prayers we gave thanks and remembered everyone working for us in this difficult time. We had a quiz during the interval and the children were busy colouring window pictures to put in their windows at home.

Merry Christmas to everyone from the Cafe and Messy Church Teams here. Stay safe and protected this Christmas Season.

Messy Cafe Church DEC. 2020a

Messy Cafe Church DEC. 2020a

Messy Cafe Church DEC. 2020b

Messy Cafe Church DEC. 2020b

Messy Cafe Church DEC. 2020c

Messy Cafe Church DEC. 2020c

Messy Church, 25th October – Remembrance.

Today we heard how Remembrance Day came about and why the poppy is important. After our reading and hymn, which was signed instead of sung, we had our craft session and made posters and cards for our Remembrance Service. They will be displayed on the day and one of our group will be laying a wreath on our War Memorials. We had our refreshments served to our tables as we worked and then finished with our prayers and The Grace.

Messy Church – Harvest Preparation – 27th Sept. 2020.

Today we re-opened Messy Church for the first time since the start of the pandemic. A good crowd turned up and while remaining in family groups, we talked about our harvest plans for St Bart’s and how we are going to collect items for the foodbank as usual. Our service will be at Cafe Church on the 11th October, so today the children made posters for the sides of the food parcels we will make up. We listened to harvest songs and had our refreshments as we worked and there was a wordsearch to try to complete or take home. It was wonderful to see the children again after so long and good to be working together once more.

Messy Church, 23rd February 2020.

Today’s ‘Messy’ was all about Lent and we looked forward to Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, this week. We heard from John about Jesus spending 40 days in the wilderness and how we not only remember this, but prepare for Easter too. We made games about progressing through Lent and then played them before we had our drinks with pancakes all round.

Messy Christingle, 26th January, 2020.

We made our Christingles today, after learning how they had started in Germany and what each part represented. There was a quiz and everyone did very well, but just in case you finished early there were pictures to colour in too. After lighting up the ‘glow sticks’ we sang a hymn, said our prayers, had our refreshments and the spare sweets went down a treat! After all that sugar, there was skipping and hula hoops, but nobody was in a rush to go home!

Messy Church 24th November 2019.

Today’s Messy was about Advent and for our craft we made Advent Candles, marked with 25 divisions, to be burnt on the 25 days of December, ending in Christmas Day. We sang Happy Birthday to Alfie, who had a cake and then for our refreshments, there were more cakes and donuts.

Messy Church 27 October 2019

27th October, 2019 – Remembrance and Peace.

Today we learned about the contents of a Second World War Food Parcel, which wasn’t much to feed a family of four on. We had prayers of thanks for the peace we now enjoy and made a huge poppy from red hand prints, which we will display for Remembrance Sunday. After that we made poppy cakes and for our refreshments we ate them all with chocolate swiss rolls. We were pleased to welcome friends of the Lewis family from Germany and some of Andrew and Margaret’s family from Northern Ireland.

Messy Church. 22 September 2019

Messy Church. 22 September 2019

The Sabbath.
Today we had our newest member join us, Elena Grace Boote. We then heard about how big the temple was, what it was used for and who worked there. After our hymn, some of the children put on a play about Jesus being told off by the Temple Pharisees for doing work on the sabbath day. He was aware the Pharisees had added lots of laws to the Bible rules and replied, “ The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath“. We then prayed to God, rested by playing games, like charades, marbles, “Jenga” and board games. There were ice creams all round and a birthday cake for another new visitor, named “Alfie”, who was a great actor in our play.