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Messy Church 28th July 2019

Messy Church – Samuel – 28th July, 2019.

Today’s subject was the Old Testament prophet, Samuel. We watched a film about how he was given to the temple as a child, was called by God, listened to his word and became a great man. We had to search the church for clues to read who we should listen to and then we all talked about the people we listen to and what things we thought were important in our lives, like peace, love and friendship. Tim told us the story of the Man on his roof in a flood, who wouldn’t listen and we added Samuel to our Jesse Tree. Sam and Ellie told us about being on their school council, where they have to listen to their fellow pupils and then relay their suggestions to the teachers. We finished with ice creams, drinks and biscuits, before saying The Grace together..


Messy Church, 26th May 2019.

Today we continued to learn about our subject of Joseph. After our short service we went to the back of church to make ‘dream catchers‘ and to hear about Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams. The catchers took a while to make, using special kits, but there were lots of different ones and we all took them home with us afterwards. To finish we sang Happy Birthday to Jessica, whose birthday is today, and then we all had a slice of birthday cake. It was very nice!


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat Info 11th May 2019

Messy Church – April 2019

Today’s Messy subject was Joseph, the first of a series that will take us into the Autumn. We looked at his early life, his multicoloured coat and how jealousy can spoil things. We made tissue paper pictures of him wearing his coat and friendship bracelets, that we made to give to our special friends. Next time we will learn about his life in Egypt.

Messy Mothering Sunday Preparations – 24th March, 2019.

Messy Mothering Sunday Preparations – 24th March, 2019.

Today was a busy one and after our short service where we heard about famous Biblical mothers, we went to the back of church to make clay pots that will air dry, to give as gifts. We had a story from Jean and while we made cards, we had our refreshments with lots of biscuits and a piece of Jessica’s birthday cake. We also handed out bunches of daffodils and we were so engrossed, we overran, but nobody minded at all.

Messy Church – 24th Feb 2019

Taking Care of the World.

After hearing some facts about the rubbish dumped in our World and the plight of animals and birds, we heard how Jesus told us that God sees all of this. Pippa read a poem and then, because it was such a nice day, we went outside with Liz and made bird feeders. The birds will be glad of all the bits we dropped, but we put one bird feeder, with an insect house, in the church grounds. Finally, we sang the Butterfly Song and said The Grace, before our refreshments. Charlie was a great help with the washing up! [see pic]


Messy Christingle – 27th January, 2019.

In our Christingle Service we learnt about the work the Children’s Society does in the U.K. to help children who find themselves in troubled circumstances. We had a quiz and made our Christingles, then had a sketch about a postman delivering letters from God. We ended with The Grace before our refreshments and there were lots of biscuits and chocolate bars to eat and take home. After the service the church donated £100 to the help the Children’s Society keep up their good work.

Messy Nativity – 23rd December, 2018.

We had a fantastic turnout for our Nativity play this year with 27 children joining in. The play was narrated by John and Penelope, who played the Archangel Gabriel. There were lots of Shepherds, angels and wise men and even a sheep. We sang Away in a Manger, We wish you a Merry Christmas and Oh Come All Ye Faithful. Afterwards there were drinks with mince pies, chocolates, biscuits and lots of crackers to pull. Merry Christmas from all at Messy Church.

Messy Advent, 25th Nov. 2018.

Messy Advent, 25th Nov. 2018.

Today’s Messy Church was all about advent and the Advent Crown. Afterwards we made our own crowns or wreaths and there was a quiz with some surprising answers. We had a visit from our local police again, because Audrey has been knitting Teddy Bear police officers for them to give out to children who are caught up in sad situations. Every child at Messy Advent got one to take home with them to remind them that the police are always there to help.

Messy Church, 28th October

Our theme today was peace, so we talked about what peace means and did some poppy paintings, using potatoes and paint. Once dried these will be laminated and hung outside church. We did some noise activities, heard a story about a bear who couldn’t get any peace and had a sing song to ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ and ‘Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag’.

The work the children did on Sunday, making posters of poppies, have now gone onto the church railings and will remain there until after Remembrance Sunday. They make a wonderful sight and can be seen by all the passers by, in cars or on foot.