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Messy Advent, 25th Nov. 2018.

Messy Advent, 25th Nov. 2018.

Today’s Messy Church was all about advent and the Advent Crown. Afterwards we made our own crowns or wreaths and there was a quiz with some surprising answers. We had a visit from our local police again, because Audrey has been knitting Teddy Bear police officers for them to give out to children who are caught up in sad situations. Every child at Messy Advent got one to take home with them to remind them that the police are always there to help.

Messy Church, 28th October

Our theme today was peace, so we talked about what peace means and did some poppy paintings, using potatoes and paint. Once dried these will be laminated and hung outside church. We did some noise activities, heard a story about a bear who couldn’t get any peace and had a sing song to ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ and ‘Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag’.

The work the children did on Sunday, making posters of poppies, have now gone onto the church railings and will remain there until after Remembrance Sunday. They make a wonderful sight and can be seen by all the passers by, in cars or on foot.

Messy Church 23rd Sept. 2018.

Today’s subject was Harvest Preparation and we decorated boxes for holding food for the Food Bank at our Harvest Festival. We also decorated plant pots and planted cress seeds to see how quickly they grow and to eat when they have. There was a special visitor, PC Nigel, who is one of our local officers and we were able to talk to him about his job keeping us all safe. When our refreshments were served, there were lots of cakes, but PC Nigel gave us some uniforms to try on before he took us outside to sit in his police car and try out his sirens and blue lights. It was a very exciting morning!

Messy Church 22nd July 2018

Our July Messy Church was all about fishermen and we heard about Jesus choosing Peter, Andrew, James and John for disciples, all of whom were fishermen.

We acted out the story of fishing on the Sea of Galilee and Jesus telling the fishermen to go further out, where they caught a wonderful catch.

Everyone then made fishing rods and wriggly fish before we had refreshments of cakes with fish decorations.

Messy Church 24th June 2018

The subject today was prayer and John started the service with the different ways other religions talk to God in prayer. Celia read a poem called ‘A Wing and a Prayer’ and then the children were taken for a treasure hunt in the church grounds by Liz. They found the letters that made up the word ‘Prayer’ and then made quadrants with prayers inside. Jean told the story of The Lord’s Prayer and we joined together to say it at the end. Our drinks were accompanied by fruit jellies and butterfly buns outside because it was so warm. What a lovely time we all had.

Messy Church 27th may 2018

Our subject today was Love and Marriage and we heard about the Wedding at Cana and Jesus’ first miracle there. David did the reading from Corinthians and then we got Messy at the back of church. While the adults did a quiz on Royal Weddings, the children made heart pictures and prayers that hang up. After a hymn with the band, we decorated cakes with icings and cake decorations and then we ate them. Finally everyone left with a tube of Love Hearts.

Messy Church 22nd April 2018

A Shepherd and his Sheep -Messy Church 22nd April 2018

Today we heard from John about the differences in keeping sheep now in this country from how it was in Israel at the time of Jesus. Our reading was the 23rd Psalm, all about Jesus being a good shepherd and us being his sheep. After the service we made sheep, sung a song, had a story, said prayers and our refreshments were sheep cakes.

Palm Sunday Messy Church’s “Wear A Hat Day”

Palm Sunday Messy Church’s “Wear A Hat Day”
25th March 2018

The largest crowd ever turned up for Messy Church today with most people wearing a hat for “The Brain Tumour Research Appeal”. John told us why people used to wear hats in Church, Ali did the reading, Jean told us the story of “The Good Samaritan” and Liz led the service for the first time.
There were Special cakes, a Lucky Dip,  a Photo Booth, Hat making and a visit from “Peppa Pig”. Donations on the day exceeded £175 and we expect soon to be able to hand over a cheque for £300!.

Messy Church Feb 2018

Messy Church Feb 2018

Today in messy church the theme was “growth” and “the parable of the sower”. The children cut out foam hand silhouettes and Joan stuck them all onto a foam tree trunk to make a colourful tree. This was followed by adding all the children’s heights to a height chart and in one year’s time we will see how much they have grown. Sue then took the opportunity to say Goodbye to the Messy Church congregation. After five years heading up the team she and Chris are now moving to Heswall. She introduced the new team that will take over Messy Church from March which will be Liz Boote, Rachel Lewis, Jean Jones and Ali Denton. We then had a special chocolate cake and wished them all the best for the future.


Plough Sunday @ Reseheath College. 4th Feb 2018

A sizeable congregation from all four Churches in the Cross Country Parishes gathered at Reaseheath Agricultural College for the annual Plough Sunday Service. This Service gives thanks for the work of the Farming Community throughout the Year, and is always fitting that it is held at arguably the premier agricultural College in the UK. Current students took part, bringing in the plough and also being interviewed by the Rev Anne, who led the worship about the benefits and some of the pitfalls of agricultural student life and what the future offers for graduates. Meredydd David OBE, Principal of the College, outlined how the College has developed over the last 100 years and how it continues to grow year by year. He also paid tribute to the Students who raised thousands of pounds each year. Georgina Lamb from RABI (Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute) described the vital work which the Charity performs in supporting the farming community, financially, at times of hardship, commenting also that Cheshire makes the greatest call on their funds of any County in N.W. England. Local Farmer Peter Lakin and his Family played a part in the blessing of the Plough and Churn, representing the local farming community. Following the service, lunch was provided free of charge by the College and all donations received were given towards the work of RABI.

Chris Challoner