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Plant Sale September 2021

Autumn Plants Sale and Art Exhibition 11th /12th September 2021

Thank you to all who worked so hard and to all those who turned out to support the event.
It was wonderful to socialise outside and to catch up over a cup of tea or coffee.
Gill did a great job selling bulbs and the children had a bric-a-brac stall and did a good job too.
The final total for the two days was a profit of £1,847 towards the upkeep of St Bart’s.

Plant Sale September 2021

Plant Sale September 2021

Plant Sale September 2021

Plant Sale September 2021

Plant Sale September 2021

Autumn Plant Sale 11th & 12th Sepetember 2021

Bishops’ Visit May 2021

On Thursday 27th May, 10 Downing Street announced that the Venerable Julie Conalty, Archdeacon of Tonbridge, was appointed the next Bishop of Birkenhead and the Reverend Canon Sam Corley, Rector of Leeds Minster, was appointed the next Bishop of Stockport. The following morning at 9am, they were accompanied by the Right Reverend Mark Tanner, Bishop of Chester, Ian Bishop, Archdeacon of Macclesfield and others, to our own St Bart’s, described as a ‘Thriving Rural Church‘. Here they met with Rev. Anne, John Headon and David Barrett, churchwardens and members of the congregation involved in Messy Church, Cafe Church, the Service of the Word and the highly successful Plant Sale.

After an introduction from John on how the church had gone from closure to the present day, renovating and remodelling the building and providing new and different services, there were questions about how people had been encouraged to attend the services. There was broad recognition of the enthusiasm and community spirit alive in the church and village and the welcome all had received here. There were questions on how we had raised the £500,000 spent in the last 20 years, how we had changed perception that the church used old fashioned language and was only for a select group of people. Rachael Lewis told the group how she had come to attend Messy Church with her children and now helped lead the group, confident to do so with the help and support of other parents. Liz Davies said how welcome she had felt attending Cafe Church and how the sense of community and support effected her.

Over coffee and biscuits, the psalter of Bishops, (the name for such a group), mixed with the members of the congregation, asking them more questions and commenting on how inspired they all were. Jim, Head of Communications, further interviewed John and David on film. He asked in detail about the fund raising ideas we used and about how this had then moved on to promote the work of God in the community. The group moved on to their next visit to a nearby farm, thanking everyone for their contributions and Bishop Mark asked that he be invited back to experience a service at St Bart’s for himself.

Thank you to all those who turned up today at such short notice and to the whole village community, who have supported the church in so many ways over the last 20 years, ensuring it’s continued presence at the centre of the village.

Right Reverend Mark Tanner, Bishop of Chester

Venerable Julie Conalty, next Bishop of Birkenhead and Reverend Canon Sam Corley, next Bishop of Stockport.

Plant Sale May 2021

Plant Sale May 2021

Thank you to the army of helpers and our many visitors to the Plant Sale and Art Exhibition over the Bank Holiday weekend.

In spite of the wet Monday afternoon, the event made £10,256 in total, which would not be possible without all that support.

We are so grateful.



Death of HRH Duke of Edinburgh

The congregation and PCC of St Bart’s join with the rest of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in mourning the loss of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, and give thanks to God for his extraordinary life of dedicated service. We offer our sincere condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family at this sad time and will remember them in our prayers.

Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip continually demonstrated his unfailing support and unstinting loyalty to Her Majesty The Queen for 73 years, which was exemplary and consistently put the interests of others ahead of his own, provided an outstanding example of Christian service.

Easter 2021

Easter Day 2021

It was a blessing to be able to celebrate Holy Communion once more in St Bart’s and great to see so many attend. The bells rang and the sun shone. Thank you to all who contributed and arranged flowers in the church specially for the occasion. He is risen, Happy Easter everyone.

Easter 2021

Easter Day 2021

Easter Day 2021

Easter Day 2021

Palm Sunday 28th March 2021

Palm Sunday 28th March 2021

For this special service at St Bart’s, we were once again limited to a Service of the Word, but the congregation were given palm crosses and were able to listen to the hymns for the day.

The bells rang out and the sun joined us, so we were pleased to be celebrating this important day in the Christian Calendar among friends and with some normality once more.

Mothering Sunday at St Bart’s 14 March 2021

Mothering Sunday at St Bart’s…

Mothering Sunday at St Bart’s 14 March 2021

…. and it’s daffodils all the way inside and out.

It was lovely to have a good turn out today and to welcome new residents, the Rev. Lesley and John.

Celia and Simon did the readings and collect, while Tim and Jane led us in prayers.

Thank you to all who turned up to take their traditional complimentary bunch of daffodils at this special service.

Mothering Sunday at St Bart’s 14 March 2021

Palm Sunday Service of the Word.

Palm Sunday Service of the Word.

11am, 28th March.  All welcome

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday in St. Bart’s

The Church will be open at 11am on Thursday 1st April for half an hour for private prayer.